iMAG Shops

iMAG currently consists of seven main shops.  Level three students decide which shop they are interested in.  Work in the shop begins,  and students are taught the skills needed to operate the shop by their level four peers.  All work within our shops involves real customers and real orders.  Nothing about the work we do in the shop is role play.  iMAG is in fact, a business.


In the design shop students spend time on Illustrator and Photoshop to make designs for a customer that can be used for shirts, tickets, programs, phone cases, key chains, and anything else our shops can make.  The designs that are made can be used in all of our shops.  Without the design students, none of our shops would be able to make anything.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is iMAG’s newest addition.  This shop has the ability to create customized products for iMAG customers.  They have created phone cases, coasters, key chains, luggage tags, and plaques.  They plan to bring new products to the shop this year such as ornaments, license plates, and drink koozies.  Dye Sublimation uses the heat press to create vivid-colored products.


Engraving is an organization that makes trophies, plaques, and name plates.  The engravers have stressed how they have to trace logos if they cannot find the logo in the correct form.  In this shop it is extremely important to know how to use a ruler and make correct measurements before using the engraving machine.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is a very unique shop and ties very nicely with the vinyl shop.  Transfer shop is defined as a shop that makes the product come as one.  Most products need the last finishing touch that the transfer shop can perform.  For example, a t-shirt needs a design put on it, and transfer is the perfect shop for that.  The process begins with our sister-shop, vinyl, that cuts out the design in a product called, vinyl.  Once this is finished, it is then given to the transfer shop.  Transfer then takes the cut out vinyl and uses a heat press to press down the design onto a t-shirt.  Transfer shop can make a multitude of things, from t-shirts to table cloths.  Transfer shop gives iMAG and the students involved, a chance to be unique and make simple things more appealing to the eye.


Printing helps local businesses and corporations by printing business cards, programs, flyers, and any other paper advertisements needed.  The students in the print shop design the content on these advertisements, print them out, and deliver them with a smile.

Screen Printing

Screen printing takes the designs made by the design shop and burns them onto screen.  Once the screen has been burned the students apply the ink onto the shirts.  Screen printing can print onto any article of clothing.  Our screen printers can print up to two colors on the clothing.  The design can consist of a front design, a back design, or both.  A screen printer must then clean the screens once the job is fully completely.


Vinyl takes designs and can make them into stickers, posters, yard signs, banners, and few other items.  The most tedious part of the vinyl shop is weeding out the unnecessary extras of the design.   There are two different vinyl machines used, the cutter and the printer.  The cutter can be used to make stickers, while the printer is used to make banners.  The vinyl team also assists the heat transfer shop by using their vinyl cutter to cut out transfer vinyl, which the heat transfer shop then uses for their jobs.