How does iMAG work?

What is a career academy?

A career academy is a school experience with a focus or theme.


Technology includes the products of human invention, the processes and tools required to produce the products, and the ways the processes are organized into systems.


Marketing is the process of planning, pricing, promoting, selling, and distributing ideas, goods (products), or services to create exchanges that satisfy customers.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design 
is the preparation of information (content) for publication in print or electronic media by organizing and setting the mood of the message.

One Theme, Many Levels

The curriculum is designed into different tracks to correspond with student needs and interests.  Video and Web Design have been added as electives to the core iMAG curriculum.  Some academic classes including English, reading, and Spanish have been scheduled as iMAG classes.

“It’s Like Real Life”
 Companies function on many levels, not everyone
 can be the CEO or the president.  But everyone can 
contribute to a company’s success.  After high school, 
some students will go off to college and beyond, some 
will attend tech centers and some will go directly to 
work.  We want our academy to reflect this reality and 
directly help our students find their path to success.


Grades are awarded based on a point system.  Points are accumulated each day, and then translated into grades.  Point awarded for completion of assignments, mastery of concepts, progression of skills, cooperation, and the ability to work with others.

The following student profiles will help to clarify how grades are assigned.

“A” students demonstrate exemplary skill and understanding of the concepts covered in class.  All assignments and projects are completed on time to a level that meets or exceeds the stated criteria.  Their work habits are professional and demonstrate a wise use of class time.  They show a genuine interest in the subjects covered and on occasion try to push the boundaries of what they can learn past what is presented in class.  They earn a 90 or above on class exams.  They try harder and achieve more.

“B” students demonstrate proficient skill and understanding of the concepts and skills covered in class.  Assignments and projects are completed on time to a level that meets the stated criteria.  They have good work habits and demonstrate a wise use of class time.  They score high on class tests and exams.  They make sure that they understand and can perform all the stated requirements of class projects and assignments.

“C” students are just getting by and demonstrate only moderate skill and understanding of the concepts and skills covered in class.  Though most assignments and projects are completed, they only just meet the level of the stated criteria.  And though the work shows the necessary use and understanding of the hardware and software available to complete the project, the student often needs help with the operations.  They may not always demonstrate a wise use of class time.  Their test scores are often just high enough to pass.  Their effort level is inadequate for high achievement.

Students who do not complete most assignments and projects to the level of stated criteria or who require more than an occasional prompting to demonstrate the necessary workplace habits required to produce satisfactory work on time or do not understand the concepts covered will fail to meet the standards of the class.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Differentiated instruction to ensure success for all
  • Specialized skills relevant to the career goals
  • State of the Art Technology & Instruction
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Team Building and Leadership Skills
  • Community Partnership & Involvement
  • Competitions in Marketing and Graphic Design
  • Industry Certifications and Support
  • Articulation with PSC
  • Dual Enrollment Classes
  • Bright Futures Scholarship
  • On-the-Job training experience
  • School-Based enterprise experience
  • Career counseling
  • Career networking with industry leaders

An Industry Connection

The purpose of iMAG Academy is to provide a unique
opportunity to learn in a nurturing educational
environment where “thinking outside the box” is not
the exception, but the norm.  iMAG will provide the
education and training necessary to enter college or the professional workforce with industry skills.


By matching interests, tastes, and talents to the
educational process, learning all subjects becomes more fun and relevant.

What are the kinds of things I will be doing as a member of iMAGINATION Inc.?

You will participate directly in planning many
exciting events including Miss Lake Region, large scale
community service and charity events.  You will be an active member of DECA and TSA.

You will also help others operate a number of graphic related shops that produce vinyl signs and stickers, printed T-shirts, awards and other laser engraved products as well as posters, tickets, brochures and more.

Conduct Policy

Students are responsible for their success.  The expectations for IMAG student’s behavior are higher than those of traditional students.  The combination of web-based assignments and hands-on “shop” practice require a level of cooperation that all students must meet.  There will be no tolerance for bad behavior.
  Attendance is mandatory and expected.  Students are responsible for making up shop time and all assignments.